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What Is a Premium Personal Loan and Why Would You Want One?

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Just about all lenders will offer some form of Personal Loan, where you don’t borrow money for any one specific purpose – such as a Home Loan or a Car Loan – but rather can use the cash for a variety of options, such as a wedding, holiday or cover an emergency expense.

Banks tend to just offer one type of Personal Loan, but when you take out finance with a private lender, many will offer a standard type of Personal Loan as well as premium Personal Loans, or “Personal+Plus” Loans./personal-plus-loans/

So, what is a premium Personal Loan and why would you want to get one?

We’ll answer those questions in this article.

What Is a Premium Personal Loan?

With a private lender, a premium Personal Loan is a step up from the regular or standard Personal Loan. The “plus” version offers both higher minimum and maximum borrowing amounts as well as more competitive interest rates and longer repayment periods, should you require more time.

Premium Personal Loans in Australia tend to be the domain of the private lending sector and it’s all about offering choices for people in different circumstances. As not everyone’s requirements are exactly the same, a premium loan could be the better option when a borrower needs more cash at a better interest rate than the standard Personal Loan offers.

Premium loans can also be customised on a case by case basis. This offers flexibility and peace of mind, knowing that your finance has been tailor-made to fit in seamlessly with your situation and financial circumstances.

Why Would You Want a Premium Personal Loan?

There could be many reasons to opt for a premium Personal Loan provided by a private lender. The most common would be that you need more cash than what the standard Personal Loan offers.

Big moments can happen in life. They could be something you are meticulously planning for, such as your wedding day, or it could be something totally unexpected like your car breaking down and it needs replacing. Another might be you’re faced with a medical emergency. You may require surgery in a private hospital, for example, and need to be able to cover all the costs almost immediately.

One good reason to opt for the Personal+Plus type of Personal Loan is if you want to consolidate your debts, reduce your total monthly repayments and save money on interest in the process.

If you enjoy the convenience of being able to apply for a Personal Loan at any time from the comfort of your own home, then rest assured you can do just that with Personal+Plus Loans from a private lender. The application process is very easy and really only takes a few minutes of your valuable time to complete.

Private Lenders Offer Fast Cash Approvals

If you like the idea of being able to get instant cash in your bank account, then a premium Personal Loan from a private lender is definitely the best option. To gain a competitive advantage in the finance world, private lenders work on offering borrowers speedy solutions throughout the entire experience.

This starts with the ease and speed of the online application process and minimal paperwork. Once your loan application is submitted, it’ll be processed and reviewed quickly, with a decision given usually on the same day.

If your loan is approved early enough in the afternoon, you should have your cash deposited in your bank account by that evening, if not the following day. Now that’s fast service that you likely won’t see with the more traditional lending institutions.

What Is the Eligibility Criteria?

Lenders will vary on this, so be sure to check the details on their respective websites. On average though, you’ll need to be earning at least $50K annually to qualify for a premium Personal Loan with a private lender. This means you must be employed, be over the age of 18, be able to prove your ID and be an Australian citizen or resident.

Contact Cashify Loans For Premium Personal Loans

If you are after a premium Personal Loan at great rates, then get in touch with the team at Cashify. Talk to us first about your requirements and how we can tailor a Personal Loan to your needs. We’re just a click away.

Disclaimer: Please note this content is of general nature only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situations or needs. For advice tailored to your financial situation, it is advised that you seek guidance from an accountant or financial advisor. The information contained in this article is correct at the date of publication.

5 Key Things To Know About Medical Loans In Australia

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What is a Medical Loan and why would you need one? Medical fianance loans in Australia are where you borrow money either to cover a medical emergency, pay for surgery in a private hospital, or possibly even for cosmetic surgery.

Before applying for a loan for medical purposes, first read this short guide so you know what to be aware of, and to answer the question, “Where can I get a Medical Loan in Australia?”

1 –  What Can a Medical Loan Be Used For?

This question was briefly answered in the intro, but we’ll dig a little deeper.

The best way to understand what you can use the borrowed money for is to talk to the lender before applying and make certain you can spend it on the procedure you need.

Generally, you can cover the cost of hospital bills, including medications, as well as anything you may need to help you recuperate. You can also use medical loans to cover the cost of dental work or to see a specialist.

Your medical issue could be optical, where you might need to see an optometrist on a number of occasions, or have Lasik eye surgery.

Just check with the finance company first before booking anything in.

2 – How Much Money Can You Borrow?

This will depend on where you apply. If you go with a bank, you could likely borrow up to $50K or so, if you really need that much.

A better option could be to apply for a Medical Loan through a private lender. These lenders have lower minimum and maximum loan amounts, with figures in the perfect price range for most medical procedures and emergencies.

The price range for private lenders is usually between $500 and up to $25,000.

3 – Interest Rates Can Vary Quite a Lot

Some financial institutions offer specific loans reserved for medical emergencies and procedures, while others offer a general Personal Loan that you can use for medical purposes. Bank interest rates can go up and down on a daily basis if they’re variable. Other loans offer a fixed rate of interest, which is usually higher than variable interest rates offered by the same lender.

Comparison websites are an easy way to keep tabs on the latest interest rates being offered, so long as the information is up-to-date.

Always double-check the current interest rates on the lender’s own website, or contact them to confirm.

4 – Get Familiar With the Lending Criteria

This may vary a little from lender to lender, so be sure to check their site or talk to someone, so you understand exactly what criteria you’ll need to fulfil before applying for a Medical Loan.

Some of the standard criteria you’ll encounter will include the following:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Be employed
  • Earn a minimum amount of income (varies between lenders)
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident

You’ll need to have the means to be able to repay the borrowed amount in the agreed period of time. Private lenders tend to offer short-term loans, with terms ranging from 3 months to 36 months.

5 – How Fast Can You Get the Money You Need?

Are you in a hurry for the money? Are you faced with a medical emergency?

Approaching the banks for a Medical Loan might be just a little too slow. The fastest you could expect to get your money from a bank would be at least a few days, but probably longer. In this instance, you’d be better served to seek a Medical Loan with a private lender.

Focusing heavily on the speed of the process, private lenders make it a point to assess and approve Medical Loan applications very swiftly. Quite often you’ll have your application approved and the money in your account that same day.

This can be a huge load off your shoulder when dealing with an emergency.

Apply for a Medical Loan With Cashify

Cashify specialises in fast cash Medical Loans that can be used for a number of different medical requirements. When looking for Medical Loans Australia, contact us first and discover how we can help you.

Disclaimer: Please note this content is of general nature only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situations or needs. For advice tailored to your financial situation, it is advised that you seek guidance from an accountant or financial advisor. The information contained in this article is correct at the date of publication.

Benefits & Features of a Cashify Personal Loan

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A Personal Loan is a type of cash loan that can fund any personal expense. From wedding expenses to home renovations, Personal Loans relieve you of the stress of running short on budget. The borrowers have the freedom to spend the amount of loan as they like. Unlike some other types of loans, Personal Loans from lenders like Cashify are fast and easy-to-apply for.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about a Cashify Personal Loan:

Cashify Personal Loan Features

  • Loan Type: Unsecured Loan for personal expenses
  • Loan Amount: $500 to $10,000
  • Debt Maturity: Cashify offers flexibility in the term of a Personal Loan. Generally, the term is 3 to 12 months long.
  • Establishment Fee: Cashify Personal Loans that are under $2,000, have an establishment fee equal to 20% of the loan amount. For loans over $2,000, the establishment fee is $370.
  • Monthly Fee: The monthly fee of Cashify Personal Loan is 4% of the loan amount. The monthly administrative fee of the loan is $10.
  • Cashify Personal Loan is one of the most flexible repayment loans. It offers weekly and fortnightly repayments of the loan.

Benefits of Cashify Personal Loan

If you need extra money to meet sudden expenses, you should consider a Personal Loan. From unexpected travel costs to consolidating debt, whatever the reason, a Personal Loan may assist with your financial situation. Find out below, what makes Cashify Personal Loans a great option for personal financing:

No Need for Collateral
Cashify Personal Loans are unsecured loans, which means you do not need to provide any security to Cashify. This type of loan does not require any collateral, like a car, to secure the loan. Lack of collateral is one of the top benefits of Cashify Personal Loans.

Cash Transfer in 30 Minutes
Cashify not only offers flexible repayments, but it also offers quick cash Australia-wide. Once you have signed the contract, Cashify transfers the amount into your bank account in 30 minutes. The contract has to be signed between 9am–9pm on a business day for this offer.

Easy Application
Cashify offer easy, hassle free Personal Loan applications through their online form. You do not have to visit face-to-face to apply for the loan. You can apply online for the loan easily from the comfort of your own home.

The Flexibility of End Use

Cashify put no restrictions on how you spend the loan. Unlike Home Loans or Car Loans, Cashify Personal Loans give you the freedom to use the money in any way you want.

Cashify is a Personal Loan provider that offers you with quick cash in Australia for your financial needs. When used wisely, a Cashify Personal Loan can provide for the shortage in your budget. So, reach out Cashify right now for flexible repayment loans.

Disclaimer: Please note this content is of general nature only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situations or needs. For advice tailored to your financial situation, it is advised that you seek guidance from an accountant or financial advisor. The information contained in this article is correct at the date of publication.

How a Personal Loan Can Be a Good Option

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Are you looking for quick cash?

Do you want to avoid borrowing from big banks?

Do you need some help in covering some unexpected costs?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, then you have come to the right place. Whether you need quick money for your dream wedding, much-needed holiday, vehicle or house repairs, there’s a great solution for you – Personal Loans. Loan providers offer same-day cash with a Personal Loan which can be used for most needs. By applying for a Personal Loan, you don’t need to save for months or even years before you can buy the latest TV or upgrade your car.

Personal Loans in Australia are extremely easy to apply for compared to conventional loans. While it is important for you to consider all options to solve your money problems, Personal Loans can be very beneficial in many circumstances. Here’s why a Personal Loan could be a good option for you.

They are Versatile

Unlike Car Loans or Student Loans, Personal Loans can be used to fulfil a variety of purposes. From planning your dream wedding to paying for medical emergencies and even car repairs, a Personal Loan is there to solve your monetary needs.

They Offer Decent Rates

Compared to credit cards and loans taken from other financial institutions, Personal Loans typically carry a lower interest rate. Credit cards can be better for a very short-term solution, but in the long run, a Personal Loan can be the cheaper option.

There are many Personal Loan Providers

It may be easy to find a Personal Loan provider, however, it is important you do your research into finding a reliable lender. In addition to traditional lenders such as banks and other financial institutions, many Personal Loans can be sourced from an online loan provider which makes the application process much more convenient. By applying online for a Personal Loan with a lender like Cashify, you can get $1,000s transferred into your bank account within just 30 minutes of signing your approved contract between 9am–9pm AEST on business days.

Repayments Remain the Same

The repayments of Personal Loans remain the same throughout the duration of your loan and are usually either weekly or fortnightly depending on your agreement. Since the interest rates on Personal Loans are fixed, you are required to pay the same amount every repayment cycle. Not only does this make it easy to budget for, but it also gives you a clear goal with no surprises.

You Can Get the Exact Amount You Need

If you are looking for a specific amount to meet your financial needs, a Personal Loan is a great option for you! Whether it’s a small $500 or a larger amount like $10,000, lenders let you apply for the exact amount you require. By only borrowing what you need, will ensure that you aren’t overspending and attracting higher fees.

If you don’t have an emergency fund or savings stored away for life’s moments like a wedding, holiday or home updates, a small loan online may be the perfect choice for you! Cashify offers you a very convenient and fast way to get cash in your account today. Apply now for an instant Personal Loan with Cashify today.

5 Advantages of Applying For a Personal Loan Online

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Looking for a way out of a financial emergency but don’t want to borrow money from friends or family? The answer could be a Personal Loan. You could borrow thousands today which could pull you out of a financial emergency almost instantly!

Whether you’re trying to get funds for your wedding, a holiday or even a vehicle, a Personal Loan has the potential to help you muster up cash instantaneously. Technology toady makes it super easy, safe and convenient to get a Personal Loan online. There are many Personal Loan providers in Australia that offer the luxury of an online application, making the process much easier for you.

Here are a few benefits of applying for a Personal Loan online.

No Collateral Required

One of the biggest benefits of applying for an online Personal Loan in Australia is that you do not require any collateral as security on the loan. Since there’s no collateral, you don’t risk losing any of your valuable assets if you fail or miss a repayment.

Easy to Access

It is super easy to apply for a Personal Loan online; you just need a laptop or mobile, decent internet connection and a few documents. You can apply through a simple form on the website which prompts you to fill out your personal details, upload a photo of your ID, bank statements, payslips etc. Once you have completed your form, the lender will digitally review your documents and application.

If you meet the criteria, you will automatically become eligible for a Personal Loan. This process doesn’t take more than a few moments. While most banks and big financial institutions can be very strict when it comes to lending, private lenders review applications on a case-by-case basis and consider each on a more personal level.

Easy to Track Loan Status

When it comes to banks and other financial institutions, it can be difficult to track the status of your loan. However, an online Personal Loan is super-convenient and easy to track. You will be updated on the status of your loan via email and SMS. Throughout the loan period, you will also receive repayment reminders and notifications if a repayment has been missed. You can also request information from your lender such as your outstanding balance, interest, etc.

Lower Interest Rates

When borrowing, it is always advisable to pick an institution or lender providing lower rates. While banks and other institutions have more or less the same standard rates, with instant short term loan providers, you often have the flexibility with rates reflective of your personal situation. Depending on the purpose and duration of the loan, online loan providers can offer some great rates, helping you save money in the long run.


The best thing about getting a Personal Loan online is that you can have the money in your account quickly from anywhere at any time of day. Simply sign your loan contract online between 9am–9pm on business days and you could have the cash in your bank account within 30 minutes!


You don’t have to save for years to make that dream purchase anymore. Now, you can apply for a same-day Personal Loan with Cashify and the cash is yours! Cashify offer a world of benefits, including minimal documentation and super-fast processing. With Cashify, you won’t have to worry about a thing!

What Can I Use A Personal Loan For?

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Personal Loans are versatile and can be used for a variety of financial needs, from life’s big moments to unexpected surprises. Some loans are specifically designed for one particular financial need. For example, a Student Loan helps you pay your education fees and a Car Loan is designed to help you purchase a new or used car. Most Personal Loans can be used for just about anything. The lender might need to know what you plan to do with the loan. However, as long as you want it for a safe and legal reason, you can spend it as you like.

Below are the top reasons Australians choose to get a Personal Loan:

1. Holiday Loans

Holidays can sometimes stretch the budget, especially if you are planning a honeymoon, a family trip overseas or a luxury cruise. This is where travel loans in Australia can help upgrade your trip into a memorable one. Remember, you do still need to pay back the loan, so it’s important to only borrow as much as you need.

2. Wedding Loans

Weddings are expensive and can add unnecessary stress to an otherwise happy moment. Wedding Loans can be used to hire a reception venue, order the bride’s dream dress or purchase wedding rings. They can also help cover other expenses like photography, flowers and the wedding cake. If you do not want your savings account to run dry, consider a Wedding Loan, so you don’t have to compromise on your dream wedding. It is always wise to use your savings primarily and just top it up with a loan when required to keep your interest fees low.

3. Medical Loans

Medical bills and expenses are one of the most common reasons everyday Australians need a Personal Loan. A variety of medical treatments like emergency dental, sports injury, fertility treatments and other surgeries can cost you thousands. Additional expenses like medications and aftercare can further increase the expenses. You can finance all of these expenses with Medical Loans in Australia so you can focus on your health and recovery.

4. Home Renovation Loans

Personal Loans are also a great option for remodelling your home. Home Renovation Loans help you redesign your living space exactly how you like, without compromising on style. Home improvements like installation of solar panels, renovating your kitchen or patio, or even putting on a new roof can be all covered using a Personal Loan. Why not consider boosting your renovation budget and achieve your dream home.

5. Emergency Loans

A very popular form of Personal Loan is a same-day Emergency Loan, which covers unexpected expenses like repairs, funerals, emergency family visits and vet bills. Emergency Loans allow you to have cash in your account within just 30 minutes of signing your contract, so you can urgently transfer the money where you need it.

Personal Loans are a great way to finance different types of expenses. Cashify can help you cover costs from life’s happy moments to those surprise emergency situations. Apply now for a Cashify Personal Loan and you could get the money in your bank account within 30 minutes of signing your contract.

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